Monday, June 20, 2016


A lone pic from the fund raiser. I love the sepia look, and the eyebrows make me look surprised. NOT as surprised as the fairly young crowd who had been politely tolerating the twee song, up until the part where the special sugar comes out and then they went wild! So silly!!!
P.S. a personal share, because I'm all about oversharing: this constantly being photographed has caused me to confront how much fat I have re-accumulated this year. I am mildly surprised but in a good way that this news is not alarming or causing me a sense of shame. Just a sense of, better sort that, cos letting out costumes is a tedious bore! xo

Sunday, June 19, 2016

On Eyebrows and Orlando

What a week. I am still processing this shooting in Orlando - the overwhelming implications of it - to hate that much, all the straightsplaining, the Islam blaming, the stories coming through. The massive healthcare bills facing the survivors - the impact on my tribe of gay friends.
Naturally and inevitably, people here want to do something to help. To help the survivors; knowing that nothing we do will bring back the murdered or turn back time, but to push back with love, with refusal to be cowed, with support and solidarity.
So, two fundraiser shows were hurriedly put together, and I was told I am in both. Not asked! This is what happens when your "son from another mother" is organising it all.
I already had an Emcee gig on Saturday, a fantastic show called DIY Burleskiwi. Contestants from all over NZ, with a budget of only $100, put together costumes and routines to knock our socks off. It was a fabulous night and here's a few pics of me:

,,, and here's the curtain call. The stand out item I feel is Pixie Twist's cheese hat. SO much creativity was shown, I was just blown away.
I am sitting here still with my makeup on from the Sunday night fund raiser, only eyelashes removed so far. So no pics, and as I did Mary Poppins, you've seen it all before anyway. But since Orlando, I've started "blocking" my eyebrows. This is the practice of erasing one's own eyebrows and redrawing them with a higher arch. Drag queens do this because men have lower and more prominent brow bones than women so it helps to feminise the face. Naturally being a woman I don't NEED to do this, but I have a strong sense of wanting to show solidarity with my cross gender drag sisters. It is a bit of a chore but irrationally, it matters to me now.
So, I am off to smear melted coconut oil all over my face, wipe it off with warm damp mutton cloth, then off to bed before a week of preparing for our show Queen VS Queen on Friday night, where I get to perform with, and against, Polyfilla, possibly New Zealand's most famous drag export ever. ARGH!! Then on Sunday 26th, a lunch fund raiser for Orlando.
Go well, lovelies. xo

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rest and recovery

Well over the long weekend last week, I:
  • officiated a funeral (Fri)
  • worked (Sat)
  • stepped in to stage manage a burlesque show, in drag of course (Sat night)
  • attended a celebration for a friend who just got her permanent residency, yay!!!(Sunday arvo)
  • judged Capital Drag, in drag (Sunday night) plus extras
  • hosted a bunch of stellar sewing bloggers for a sesh watching episodes 1 and 2 of TGBSB (Monday arvo)
  • attended a sewing bee Monday evening)

Caburlesque Seven Deadly Sins - me as a stage managing Devil, Sadie von Scrumptious the divine EMCEE as her absolutely slayingly sexy self! 
The Judges at Capital Drag. Debbie, me, Bernard and Ma Ma Deziyah. We got the best views of a fab show and were lit by the lamp I refurbished for Ivy
What a fantastic weekend of celebrating everything good in life - family, friendships, shows, sewing!
I bet you are wondering what Plus Extras means. Well, you see...
After Capital Drag finished at 11.30, I decided to walk home. The Ivy Bar is at the far end of the big street from the end I live just off of,  so it's really only about a 1k walk and although I live in the city, it IS the kind of city this gal in a sequinned dress can walk the streets of without feeling in danger. However, it IS winter here, and after a block I am thinking, IT'S COLD, WHY am I doing this?? Not a cab to be seen, I blame Uber for that one. Then I remembered my other favourite bar, S&M, was only a half a block away. (This stands for Scotty and Mal, the proprietors of this fine establishment, not the more traditional meaning, to be clear about the kinds of bars I frequent ;-) ).
As I plunged into its warm and noisy interior, I could see that Karaoke was on, and when a fully made up and dressed drag mamma arrives at a gay bar during Karaoke, it is only polite to sign up for a number. So, I got up and did That ole Devil Called Love, and enjoyed watching a very cute young man in a divine red blazer nail a Frank Sinatra standard. Hmm, I thought, I wonder if he would like to do a duet? Yes, he would, especially as he felt our chosen outfits co-ordinated so perfectly. And so we called up Cheek to Cheek!

and here is a screen dump of a video taken of this nutcase moment! Sammy's interpretation of Cheek to Cheek being fairly obvious from this pic!
Any Dr Who fans who are having a "I know that face" moment, yes it is Samuel Anderson who played teacher Danny Pink in Peter Capaldi's first outing as the Dr. He was in town for Armageddon and was a real charmer and lots of fun and great to sing an impromptu duet with.
I can't share the video as Scotty is having trouble working out how to share it beyond just me, but we'll get there I am sure! 
So I finally got home at 2.30am, having spread my glittery self comprehensively across my 'hood, and THAT is the reason for the title of this post.
After this big weekend, I was absolutely pooped. Too many late nights, possibly a bit too much pinot noir (although not that much really) and the consequent lack of sleep, I really needed down time.
Thanks to amazing staff, I got too take two afternoons off this week, and on Friday, I woke up at 5am, by 8.15 I realised I wasn't going to make it and went back to bed for three hours. Finally started feeling awake again. :)
But I did not sleep through those afternoons, no sirree. I used them to get my many and varied costume and act requirements underway. 
So, I am feeling better, I have got it clear in my head how to make and create all the things I need for my various acts, which had been bugging me, and now I just have to knuckle down and make it all happen. I have a show every weekend from now until end of August, many requiring new acts! 
Wish me luck and more afternoons off!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh the Liberty!

The Fabric Store has Liberty fabrics! So gorgeous. I have dipped into the sweatshirting for winter dresses - no I've not made any up, you will be the first to see when I do.
I have also been JONESING for a print called Alma for years.
This is the cool colourway - I prefer the black backgrounded version with warmer tones.
Anyway they have it in Tana Lawn, for $42m NZ. I have been to visit, felt it, held it up to myself, put it down and walked out at least twice.
I think this is a Thing. A Thing where one wants the unattainable, but when it IS attainable, it loses some of its allure.
Don't get me wrong, I ADORE this fabric. But in truth, I have three gorgeous lawns at home for next Summer's MaxiDress crop already. Really beautiful, Arts and Crafts inspired fabrics with poppies and things. And so, spending $134 on a dress length of Yet Another Fabric just became too hard.
You see, I am really, really keen on reducing my wardrobe down to the smallest number of workable items to have a glorious, Me Made, vibrant, self-expressively dressed life. I don't have the space for clothes I don't wear any more, not in my wardrobe rack, drawers, under my bed or in my heart.
The idea of a Few Good Things is playing more and more on my mind.

When I worked in an office for other people, buying fabric was a sanity valve. I had the money, I needed the creative outlet and I accumulated a lot. LOT. But now, I am self-employed, and I earn around a third of what I used to. Yup, for six days work too. But in those six days I can dress how I want to, not how other people think I ought to. So, the clothes I now make I love and wear and wear and wear.

Here's another thing - yesterday I officiated at my Uncle's funeral. It is something I do from time to time for people. We had a fantastic day of crying, laughing and bonding with family I've not seen for a long time. But of course how one dresses as a funeral celebrant is quite different to in the shop, or for on stage. I have to really reexamine my wardrobe for combinations that are formal, sombre and unflowing enough. I did a great job, I feel, and even put on some makeup - that's a trick these days - how does one put on makeup without eyelashes, glitter, contouring???
So, here I am, some alternate form of myself. Still a Me I can relate to, but not one of the more frequently seen Mes. And when I do cull my wardrobe (does anyone need 13 red thru purple merino tops?) I will need to let this Me have some options also. Possibly even whip up some more clothes for her.

Food for thought.

Friday, May 13, 2016

My mother doesn't love me enough

That explains everything! She told me that she didn't realise I was sick on video show day, so I confidently expected the videos to be amazing.
Well, they ARE amazing, thanks to SoundBitch our fab technician, even though it is him I am waving at in Perhaps to turn the music volume down, but honestly there is so much to manage the odd moment of disharmony is not worth getting one's sequins in a bunch over.
But, I sound like one of Bart Simpson's chain smoking aunties, Selma and Patty. HOW COULD SHE NOT NOTICE?
A voice like sandpaper!
That and the puffy face of the lurgy sufferer aside, I am pretty chuffed.
Bored with 20,000 years of having to wear white and be wise, Lady Gladyournotreal lets us have it.
The downside of being a performer in her 50's - underwear. !
An oldie but a goodie.
So, maybe Mum loves me too much because she thinks everything I do is wonderful! I think that may be it as she is utterly fantastic. Daw :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More pics of me!

Really, this is getting ridiculous! More photos of me! These from the Video show. Some signs of flueyness when I looked at these photos on my big work monitor, but on  my tablet and phone, not bad! ;-)
The show opened with my Lady Gladyournotreal The Elf act. I love this act - it's not a big belly laugh but it is fun. and I love this costume so much. I feel like a bride, daw.

 Oh this Lady Macbeth shot is fab isn't it? Clever timing on Ngahuia's part as I have no idea what I was doing. but the dress soon comes off thanks to popper tape, to reveal my true self - unicorn pjs and unicorn slippers.
Oh now, clearly I'm talking about the fish that got away! Goodness knows, but I love the way the peacocks in this costume seem to be crawling up me, possibly to nibble my pink hair!

 The sequin dress, looking a bit tamer, somehow. I think I was singing about Schmadonna
 How does bright green end up looking like gunmetal? Green is a hard colour to light because the colour light that would look good on it looks terrible on people, so it suffers. Oh well!
So there you go, more pictures of moi. I have some other projects that I need to progress, involving winter wardrobe plans. IF I get time between costuming!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Quick Hello!

The Aussies have a saying - It's all on for young and old! How apt this is for my life right now. So much happening, some I can't share as yet (but soon!), but mostly I am trying to deal with it through a bleary fug of the Lurgie.
It's a horrible permutation. Unlike the usual "I'll just start in your head and move down to your chest in a couple of days" this one has taken my entire respiratory system by storm simultaneously. It was a gift from my lovely husband too, which is quite good really as he is already OK so I know I technically only have two more days of this to go!
Yesterday we had an afternoon cabaret which was about getting good video footage of the acts, with some audience for ambience. I was very moved that my mum and dad and dear friend Pam came to see it - Mum loves a good show but late nights are not her thing any more. Also excitingly my stepdaughter Sarah and her fiance and his parents all came to Wellington for the weekend and decided to come to the show as well, after a morning at Weta Cave. So really it was a family affair!

My makeup game was great yesterday and I had five costume changes, and two hair changes. I think I win the pro award too because my mother didn't realise I had the lurgie! She has such a radar for that kind of thing too. Ah, the slap that transformeth the face and fooleth the world.

Photos will be forthcoming as the ever amazing Ngahuia was present along with Andrew the video magician. He had cameras on tripods set up on tables all over the place. Should be interesting!

In closing here are two very bad selfies of my makeup mid application. Warning: eyes designed for huge lashes before lashes are applied look seriously weird!